What is a Doctorate Degree?

A Doctorate Degree is the most advanced degree a person can earn in post-secondary education. You are not required to be a ‘doctor’. You can earn a doctorate in virtually any subject area. With an existing Bachelor’s Degree, a Doctorate can generally be accomplished in four years. However, with an existing Master’s Degree, it is possible to complete a Doctorate in the same area of study in only three years.
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Employment Rate

The unemployment rate for individuals with a Doctorate Degree is the lowest at 2.5%.

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There are two types of Doctoral Degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD)
  • Professional Doctorate Degree

Why pursue a Doctorate Degree?

While there are many reasons why one would pursue a Doctorate, the primary reason is that an individuals is interested in writing a new opinion on existing theories or prepared to do new research in a specific field. Upon completion, a Doctorate Degree symbolizes that you have an excelled level of education in a specific area of study or particular profession.

With only 3% of the United States population with a Doctorate Degree, a graduate can elevate their educational status among their peers as one of the elite.

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What is the cost of an Doctorate Degree?

The average cost of an Doctorate Degree is approximately $40,000.

The average Doctorate Degree salary is approximately $84,000 .